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It started that we went all the way to the last stop on the subway. We ran into a scary man with Torrettes. He was yelling at my dad saying, "Do you want to say that to my face? F'in idiot." My dad was actually talking to me, not the man. We moved away & the man left on the next stop. We waited until 57th street & we got off.

When we were on the sidewalk, I had no idea where I was. My dad pointed out Radio City Music Hall and Trump Plaza. I looked at the shoes and stuff in Gucci, pretending I was in SATC. We asked for directions a lot and then I saw a HUGE line. I felt like giving up, but I got in line.

I felt better once I saw people lining up behind me. We're waiting in line and this woman was handing out raffle tickets for a 10 min consultation (rip-off) with Sarah Jessica Parker. I didn't get one cause I was under 18. There was a lot of construction going on next door. Two construction workers walked past saying, "yeah, I heard she cancelled. She's not coming." It was a joke. At 10 am, the doors opened and the line started to move (good sign). We got into the Gap and waited for about an hour inside the Gap. There was a girl next to me who wrote a letter to her. She looked a little older than me, maybe 15. On her letter, I saw, "To the lovely Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker" in the nicest handwriting I have ever seen. All of these people that were waiting on the line were crammed into the Gap, there must've been 1000 people in there between the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd floor. There were a lot of false alarms by fellow fans -- screams, screeches, etc.

She comes (I guess in a limo) & the screams get louder. The song from the Gap commercial plays & she stays outside for a minute so that the paparazzi can take pictures of her. The people inside where wondering, "Where is she? What's going on?"

She finally comes in but is swarmed by fans. I tried to get a picture of her, but New Yorkians are so rude! They hold up their cameras, making them 8ft tall. People were screaming, "I love you Sarah! You're beautiful!" Like she didn't already know that.

These two men get onstage I'm guessing they were the Gap presidents or something. She comes onstage and the two men make a joke that they're going to change the store name from Gap to Sjp. It was lame, but she's like, "I'm so flattered". Her voice didn't change at all -- she's still Carrie Bradshaw. She talks about how she's glad that the weather is much better (NYC had rain & flooding yesterday). She was wearing a pink blazer & white capris. Her hair's brown again and curly like you couldn't imagine. She was talking a little more about how she didn't expect so many people. Then she did the raffle and we didn't win.

That girl I was talking about, had, Sharpies and pictures and everything, expecting to get an autograph. I felt so bad for her because she didn't get the autograph. We then left and we had lunch at Planet Hollywood. I saw a vest from Ferris Buellers Day Off, starring Matthew Broderick (Sarah Jessica Parker's husband) and I saw some ray guns from Mars Attacks (w/ Sarah Jessica Parker).

While I was having my chicken fingers... it dawned on me. "I just saw Sarah Jessica Parker." Not a lot of people get to do that. I knew she was there, but it didn't dawn on me how lucky I was to see her. Because, sure, everyone sees her on TV, but who gets to see her in person? Did you ever see her in person?

I lost my appetite and it wasn't good. I felt very faint and woozy. I'm basically in a daze right now. That's pretty much it. I took a ton of pictures that I'm going to bring in to school on Monday. Well, not a ton and the pictures aren't even good.



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