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My Trip To New York

I got an early Christmas present yesterday -- a digital camera And just in time, too, cause I took it to Manhattan on December 4, 2004. I took my own little tour and I took pictures that I put here. Most of them are self-explanitory, but I explained what they are anyway.

It started out that I saw huuuuge close-ups of SJP in the GAP. I didn't take a picture cause I didn't wanna scare myself... Maybe next time I will... I then went to Gray’s Papaya as seen on Plus One Is The Loneliest Number.

We went to Ricky’s cause mom needed some empty containers for eBay. Our cashier had, “magical eyebrows”, she must’ve waxed them off and drew in eyebrows. Whatever she did, it was weird. She also kept looking at me, but maybe it’s because I was staring at her? *shrugs* I didn't take a picture there, either, although I should've.

In Starbucks, I saw a guy that looked like CN I took a picture of him, but later deleted it cause it was blurry (sorry guys).

My mom and I then went to (this was the best part) Sung Chung Meii, as seen on Cock A Doodle Doo. My mom ordered exactly what Miranda did -- chicken & broccoli, brown sauce, brown rice, and cold noodles. I’ve never tried cold noodles, so I was actually interested in what it was. Omg, it was really good! It was like lo mein noodles, but cold, and the sauce tasted like peanuts. We took it home cause we thought, “Hey, we don’t have to cook them!” I took a pic of where Miranda & Steve were sitting. It was a little depressing, though, because there was nobody eating there. It was just the workers and a one or two groups of people, besides my mom & me. It was cheap, too! For chicken & broccoli, brown sauce, brown rice, cold noodles, and wonton soup, it was only about 10 dollars! The spoon that came with my soup was just like Steve’s (Omg) -- you know, the ladle looking thing? And Carrie was right -- there were a lot of Asian-style food places there -- there was a Thai place on the corner, then Sung Chung Meii, then a Japanese sushi place! One after another!

Then, we literally stumbled onto The Magnolia Bakery, and there was a line basically around the block. There also was no bench like in SATC, but there were a lot of people waiting to get inside. And, Omg, the smell was literally intoxicating! But here’s the icing on the cupcake This guy walks past us, talking to a woman, and says this about The Magnolia Bakery, “Yeah, Sex and the City ruined it.” Oh. My. God. My jaw dropped. He’s just walking past us -- he could’ve been talking about anything! That’s still in my head. “Yeah, Sex and the City ruined it.” *exhales sharply*

We then found another little bakery a few blocks away where we got our own cupcakes.

We walked down some blocks and we found a shop that sells The Rabbit , Samba , and a singing Santa. We also went down a block with houses that look a lot like Sarah’s house I was trying to see if anything was going on in any of the windows (is that stalking??). There were houses w/ 3 floors and black gates. Well, I tried. I went back to Gray’s Papaya (it’s night by now), and I took a picture of it again (sort of like a before & after).

I took a beautiful, almost professional, picture of the Empire State Building (you just have to). It’s beautifully lit -- red and green for Christmas. My mom took a picture of me on the steps of an apartment building that looks like Carrie’s (gotta love moms ).

At home, my mom and I watched when they were in Sung Chung Meii, and we were squealing, "That's it! We were there!" and then we saw the spoon and we're like, "Omg! I was eating out of that!" We're going back next Saturday (as of 12-5-04).

            Today, Saturday, December 11th, we went to Manhattan yet again. We looked for Eleven Madison, which is a restaurant that you’ll know what I’m talking about once I explain it.       
            “It was at this elegant restaurant where Big told Carrie he was getting married to Natasha, aka ‘the stick figure with no soul’. Carrie had one too many Cosmopolitans and tripped down the stairs as she walked out on him.”
            Sound familiar? Well, how about this? Remember, “These stairs are very dangerous!”? Well, I found the stairs! I was so excited when I found them (see picture). It was surreal! But, so were the prices. I found out fairly quickly that it was a very exquisite place that I felt the need to dress in a gown. We walked out, memory of the stairs and all, and we went somewhere else.
            We actually walked into a light show (see picture). There were these beautiful snowflakes on this building (actually don't know what store it was). The music started and my mom said, “Look at the building! They’re dancing to the music.” I looked up and what’d ya know? The snowflakes were going on and off to the music! I stepped back and took one picture, because I didn’t want to miss it. Last time at the Gap, I spent all my time taking pictures and I completely missed what she said. It was beautiful, though. I felt like clapping at the end, but nobody else was, and I’m not the kind of person to start a “slow clap”.

            We walked a lot more. Well, actually, we shuffled. The streets were jam-packed with so many annoying kids!  I figured out what children do. Once they learn how to talk, that’s all they do. And once they get older, they’re used to talking and it isn’t so much fun. They only talk when they need or want to.

            We passed HBO studios and NBC studios. HBO was nothing but a few doors and a cool sign (see picture). NBC studios was a great deal more entertaining. There was an interactive DVD cafe (see picture), where you can look at any DVD on a plasma screen. Of course I picked Law and Order But I also watched some Conan, Quantum Leap, and SNL.

            We went to Rockefeller Center and saw the tree, and Spongebob and Shrek  They were really for the kids, but I got a laugh out of it. I would show you the picture, but it’s too dark for you to see. All you can see is a box on the right and a blob on the left.

            We went to a Chinese restaurant on 34th street that also had cold noodles. Their recipe was different, though, because it wasn’t like last week. There was a group of 5 (friends, I guess) that came in after us, my mom & I were cracking up. There was two blondes, a redhead and two brunettes (darn!). But, they were older than the foursome,  they might’ve been late 40s, early 50s. It was still funny, though. I couldn’t take a picture because I was taught not to take pictures of people, unless you’re paparazzi.

Gray's Papaya at night

Here's the outside of Sung Chung Meii

This is where Miranda & Steve were sitting. The restaurant was renovated since SATC, but that's where they were -- right in the middle.

The Rabbit was here, but the webmaster made me take it off...

My excellent picture of the Empire State Building :)

I love how this came out. I thought it was amazing how the rainclouds made the picture look 3D!

Here it is! The restaurant I probably will never be able to afford!

The stairs! The stairs! (As in The plane! The plane!)

This is a little booth near the entrance

The beautiful tree thats even better in person

A tall building that's coincidentally next to a tall tree

This is inside NBC studios

The snowflake light show

The pretty sign outside of HBO


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